Nurse's Interview With Chuck

Interview With Nurse!

A genuine and beloved member of the precious Netvio family, Nurse is a flamboyant character, who really just wants to make sure everyone around her is, "Doin' alright." You'll never hear Nurse speak ill of anyone else. I'd say this is attributable to the fact she doesn't need to go through anyone else. If someone's acting a fool, you best believe that you're close to receiving a Nurse shoulder tap. Nevertheless, this take no shit attitude is not something you'll see unless you've earned it. A kind and fierce force all at once, Nurse drops the nice act on her new EP, We Keep It Inside

I had the esteemed pleasure to sit down with Nurse, as she fielded some question from me in regards to, We Keep It Inside. You may go about pre-saving We Keep It Inside here, and I highly recommend you do so. It's going to be one wicked, neck-snapping ride. So, thanks for coming on down as we delve a bit deeper into what this artist is all about, and have some dang fun doing it!


We Keep It Inside EP, 2020


I'm so surprised at the fact that this is your first EP. Especially because your social media prowess is pretty staggering. What do you attribute the large following / material ratio to? 

Hahah I just try to create and build relationships and friendships with as many people as I can. I’ve met some pretty amazing people by just being open and genuinely curious about others.  


You hang with some serious, heavy hitters within the Netvio community. Were you ever intimidated? I know I sometimes am, if being honest. It may cause me to work harder, or pull back sometimes on my material, depending. Do you find the same? 

Netvio is just full of hidden gems, such amazing artists and people. Honestly, I’m intimidated every day by the talented people who surround me there. BUT, I find once you put that behind you, it is fuel and something which really inspires me. 


Ok, I usually wait until later in interviews to toss this one out but… GEAR RUNDOWN! PRESENT RIG ONLY…. GO!  

My Macbook, haha! 


Rats! ^^^^ Foiled Again! ^^^^ A Fair Answer to a Question I Now Regret Asking, Touchee Nurse!

Now, I know it because we're friends but care to tell your adoring public your real name? No pressure to divulge, if you don't want to.  

It’s Genny :)  

Simple and to the point. See, this is why we like her so much. Ask a question, there's the answer.... with smileys! 


What's the basis for your pseudonym? Before you solidified that, "You are Nurse," were any others in consideration? 

I thought about what music meant to me, how healing it is regardless of the genre. How it can make you feel like you’re somewhere else. Nurse popped into my head and the thought of possibly making someone feel that way with my music felt so right. 

Lots of other names rushed into my head but nothing felt like Nurse did, I don’t even remember the others. 


Who IS Nurse?  

I'm horrible with this question, maybe one day I'll get better at answering it. If you really want to know, talk to me :). <<I'm taking this as a request from the artist to be extremely blatant with her contact information which is also above - 




What's funny is for the year we've been online pals, I can't say I know a whole hell of a lot about your music background. How'd it come to consume you, as it is known to do? Did you play in school band? Friends had bands? 

I’ve always loved music but It really started to consume me once I started going to shows. I went to my first festival in 2009 with my friends from high school and the rest is history. Music has totally consumed me :).


What's your native instrument? I know these days your weapon of choice is most likely Ableton, but what got you started way way back? 

My first instrument was a classical guitar, I seriously loved that thing! I later moved onto an electric and then dabbled in some piano. 


What was your aim with “We Keep it Inside”? Overarching themes, messages you tried to get across, sonic challenges? 

It represents the feelings, thoughts, battles that each of us have but generally keep inside. Suppressing, avoiding or just not wanting to bother people with how we feel. There’s a song or two in there about overcoming this.


What spoke to you about the first single, Danger US, that made you say, "This is the one. This is my best foot being put forward for this EP? 

I wouldn’t say it’s my “best”, they’re all too different for me to feel that way. But, I almost gave up on “Danger Us”, I almost accepted that there would only be 4 songs on the EP. I’m stubborn and I refused to give up so I spent 3 days doing nothing else but focusing on finishing that song. It’s now one of my favorites, I’m insanely proud. 


What specifically draws you to the style I'd most commonly and simply call Electronic? 

When I was really young I watched “Blade” with my parents and I’ll never forget that club scene with the song “Confusion” playing in the background. It was the first time I had heard anything electronic and I was hooked. When I think about it, I can really hear its influence in my music. Once I started raving it was all uphill from there..


I sometimes have a tendency of stampeding through my questions, but I'm interested to see if there's anything you wanted mentioned that I've not asked? Lay it on me, Sister! 

I’m really really proud at the fact that I did all of this on my own. Besides the artwork and the collaborations I have on the EP, everything was done by me :). From arranging to mixing and mastering. Hearing my progress was mind blowing and actually made me tear up, consistency and hard work go a lonnggg way. 


Where might I be surprised to find that you yourself played the live instrument heard in any given track off "We Keep It Inside?"

No live Instruments from me, yet….BUT you will hear my voice so I guess that’s an instrument? Haha :)


My completely illegitimate press credentials, which do not exist whatsoever, enabled me the special privilege of a sneak peek listen to Torment. Now, you didn't give me much to work with, but you have intrigued me! Just as delightful! I hear a very lush sound incorporated to the mix. What can you say attributed to this full sound which also contains so much airy-ness? Sort of like Dream Pop / Shoegaze?

Hahah I’m sorry about that, I like to be very secretive sometimes! Lots of layering and reverb haha!! :) I think I used about 5 or 6 different instruments for the lead, I layered them and manipulated their volumes accordingly.


Were you attempting to go 'space-y' on Torment? Or, it's a happy accident that fits in your canon as a logical progression?

I generally go for the heavier, more hard hitting side of electronic music but I really wanted one song in there to kind of chill things out. Something that reminds me of the long drive home after shows at 4am, while also incorporating meaning into it. Also people love my song Sonically Induced, I wanted to bring a similar vibe to this EP.


You bring a lot of Pop culture and musicology knowledge to the table, what with your wide swath of tastes. Any particular category you might place yourself in, despite liking pretty much…. Everything lol?

I have a hard time labeling my genre, I can be all over the place and you’ll hear it in this EP, that was my intention. If I had to say though, techno and psytrance are my biggest influences. Although I have no specific genre, I can guarantee that it will always sound like Nurse.


Ladies and Gentlemen, that has been Nurse! Again, be sure to pre-save her new EP, We Keep It Inside, out wide on September 25, 2020. Ever a source of humility, honesty and modesty, I find Nurse's answers here more than sufficient despite length. They are extremely representative of her as a person. As I jokingly pointed out above, she cuts to the chase. Never without an open ear and an open mind. She'll elaborate if you want, but the words provided really explain everything. I truly wish I had these powers of concision! But, truthfully, having been friends with Nurse for this past year, it has been so refreshing to watch her develop from someone eager to learn with a hell of a drive, to orchestrating this release she can call wholly her own. Her transformation from student to teacher was quick and you could have fooled me in regards to her statement about being intimidated or initially shy. It never showed and still doesn't. I tip my hat to you, Miss. May you forever be a-rockin' and a-rollin'!